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Waxing & Lashes

My Philosophy

I have over 20 years of experience waxing and teaching new estheticians how to wax properly. I use a combination of hard & soft wax to achieve the fastest & least painful experience possible in a very comfortable and safe environment. I use a high-quality wax that is a vasodilator that reduces redness and swelling that can occur to more sensitive skin after your wax. 

Brow Waxing – $25
Brow Tweeze – $25
Lip Waxing – $15
Chin Waxing – $15
Sideburns – $20
Full Face Waxing – $55
Full Arm Waxing – $60
Half Arm Waxing – $40
Underarm Waxing – $30
Bikini Waxing – $50
Brazilian – $70
Lash Tint – $30
Brow Tint – $25
Lash Lift – $75

Lash lifts can’t be performed in conjunction with facials because they need to be as dry as possible for the lift to hold.

I do not wax anyone on any form of Vitamin-A or using any topical/oral acne medications. 

Prior to your wax, your hair needs to be 3-4 weeks of growth. Anything over 4 weeks needs to be trimmed and ready to be waxed.